Saturday, September 20, 2014

Greece and the Key to Simplicity

There comes a point in your life (hmmm maybe late twenties?) that you feel like you’ve seen it all... You think you’re old enough to have learned the lessons in life, love and work. And with your "experience" you are ready to take over the world... "Here I come"...You think. But no... Haha - and yes I laugh, because the Universe just keeps surprising me... 

A month ago, my boss told me { There is something about the nature and light that explains the Greek mythological characters in ways you have to experience to understand } I took his words with me from Amsterdam to Athens and also my youngest brother, Roman. From Athens to Kalamata it was another 3 hours on a bus. Greeks were asking us "Why Kalamata, why Mani? Summer season is over, and you're not going to the islands, this is the mainland." We knew, and all we said was that we wanted to experience authentic Greece. 

And I think we did... 

Our friendly neighbours who cooked for us and entertained us with their life-stories...our new friend Benjamin from Mani who is so spiritually connected with nature...the medicine man that sells mountain tea, olive oil, sea salt and olive soap with beautiful life advice...the lady of the ranch who build her house herself and carried every stone it needed...and many more beautiful Greek souls ALL stole our hearts. It was real. The light, the nature, the starry sky at 5 in the morning, the Greek wedding we crashed, the natural pool by the sea, I could go on and was all real. 

It made me think where I stand in life right now. I've been working so hard to pursue my music dream that it sometimes feels like the passion has turned into a obligation. I wrote two songs this week in Greece, one of them is titled "We Are One" - where I sing about the movement of the sea, saluting the sun and becoming one with the elements and more importantly, understanding them. I literally wrote it on a cliff where I saw the cobalt coloured sea getting mighty powerful. It was so magical and it gave me so much energy that at one point I just reached out my hands to the sun and tried to absorb every bit of it. Underneath you can find the sound cloud link with a preview to "We Are One"

It's like waiting for something you don't know is coming. And when it happens you'll take it with you everywhere you'll go. You'll try to make a balance between the two, three or more worlds that you've seen and that you live in. But the great task will be, believing it was once REAL and that is still very real. One fine piece of advice from the medicine man, Yiannis, I'll share with you... He told me to have four eyes. Life is about walking in different directions, taking some turns; you have to see all possibilities and ways to happiness, and along the way not to become a Cyclops with one direction in mind...

Mani, Greece everyone. I can't tell you where the natural pool is. But it's a 3 hour flight, 3 hour bus ride, 1 hour car drive along the coast and 5 minute walk down the cliff from Amsterdam. We also visited my friend in Athens, which was lovely. Now all thats left is healing soap, handmade jewellery, sea salt, heavenly olive oil and wood cut out of a olive tree; the remaining tastes of a beautiful trip we'll never forget. 


Verga (Kalamata)

Plaka, Athens

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