Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"Here, There and Everywhere" { San Francisco }

The Pacific, "lost" art, backyard palm trees, evening pool jams, urban vibes in San Francisco, daily road trips into the valley...I could go on for daaaaaays - there are so many things I will never take for granted in California.

Part 1 of moving from the low lands to San Francisco has come to an end. From May until July I finally arrived to a state of mind where I didn't have to look further anymore...I could literally look around for the first time and experience "now" as an endless wave. 

I'm currently back in Amsterdam, singing summer '14 away and focusing on my "Fickle Island" promo. I have some things to take care of before I head to part 2 of my journey back to California. This life changer is not an easy one - the paperwork and other preparations are time consuming and are causing restless nights... "How in the hell am I going to ship my record collection, Eames rocking chair, 6-strings etc thousand of kilometers away"...

In the meantime, pictures and memories of the last two months have charged my zen battery and the color of the Pacific hasn't left my mind yet and I'm sure it never will. I'm happily enjoying the last bit of the summer here in Europe. But the further I'm going into this process, the more I feel like I'm not really moving at all...I'm just starting to accept the fact that I may have to endlessly wander between two places in the world for the rest of my life... - and who knows...perhaps one day include another destination to my wander path (Indonesia!) #feelingblessed

Hope you are ALL following your dreams this summer!

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