Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nothing Lasts - first single from my upcoming album to be released September 12th!

This summer has been so amazing...I've devoted all my days recording with Reyn Ouwehand and preparing the release of my debut album. I've been waiting a couple of years for this special stage in my life and it feels exciting, nerve wrecking, fulfilling and crazy at the same time. Sometimes artists say releasing an record is like delivering a baby, well... since some of my friends actually HAD a baby this year, I really can't compare it to something like that after seeing my ladies doing it (respect) ...but it sure does feel like I'm stepping into a new phase in my life, together with my songs. I wrote about 50 in the past years and we picked 12 songs for the album. 

I'm thrilled to announce that my first single will be released on September 12th worldwide. "Nothing Lasts" is a song that I wrote when I just started to get the hang of songwriting. We recorded a teaser in Paris. I hope you like it! Stay tuned...

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