Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Emma's Island" for Re:VERSION

Last year I followed my heart to Rotterdam and I'm so glad I did! The music scene here in "Roffa" has been very welcoming and supporting and has given me many opportunities to perform and to network. Popunie asked me a while ago if they can record an acoustic version of one of my songs. "Emma's Island" is one of the album tracks and the story behind the song really in the video... In 1951 my grandmother (oma) "Emma" arrived in the Netherlands from the Moluccan Islands. She actually arrived just across the harbor from where I'm singing the song in the video. I sing about her beautiful island "Saparua" and the fact I've never been there, but hopefully one day I will, with her spirit around me. Re:VERSION captured the song and I just love the vibe! Please check out their other videos, they are all very very inspiring. 

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