Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The New Yorker and his Eurasian Lady

Skyscrapers, city lights, sirens, fast-moving-peeps, blizzards... - yes, I'm in NYC! In the past I've traveled many times to the US, but a visit to the big apple never crossed my path. My husb Matthew, works for CitizenM Hotels and he's been working here for a couple of months to work on the opening of a new hotel at Times Square. The temp long-distance thing is just not our "newlywed" cup of tea, so 1,5 week ago I flew across the pond for a sweet reunion.

This city is like no other place I've been before. Not gonna lie, the first few days it was difficult to keep up with the pace and the energy. I literally had to keep holding on to my love's hand, so it would be easier to move around! (and not to fall down on the slippery, icy sidewalks - clumsy me). He's a New Yorker at heart and showed me around in his old 'hood. In Holland, Matthew always talks about how it was like to live in NYC, so it's beautiful to finally put images to his stories and see it for myself...

In a short time I've encountered some crazy blizzards and I never felt this cold in my life! It didn't stop me from going on a couple of "expeditty's" though... Brooklyn, Soho and the Village rocked my socks. Edgy, artistic & inspiring - everything I thought it would be. Here are a few pics I captured, scroll down to read were we ate, drank, shopped & strolled. 

{ Food, food, I loooooove food }

Of course I wanted my heavy breakfast the morning after I landed. Matthew brought me to Pastis, in the Meatpacking District, a lovely French bistro where I ate too much. In Nolita we ate taco's at Tacombi - I think my fave place to eat so far, with an oldskool Volkswagen van right in the middle of the restaurant where they prepare those yummy taco's, we drank mezcal with the owner and I learned that there is no such thing as Margarita's in Mexico. Next door is the Musket Room - where we enjoyed a six course Valentine's dinner. Little fact for you...it's the youngest New York restaurant to receive a Michelin star, after being open for only 4 months...the food is mind-blowing and overall a real New York (hipster watching) experience. Another place we ate a couple of times is Luke's Lobster...I just have this thing for crab & lobster and I'm willing to go on a half hour subway ride + 10 min walk to enjoy a bite of these rolls... In Brooklyn we had cocktails at the Wythe Hotel rooftop bar - the view was spectacular and the drinks were groovy that made us snap crazy jump pictures on the rooftop. Afterwards, we strolled to Bakeri to fill our belly's with banana bread.

{ Can't stop. Won't Stop. Shoppin' } 

Can't stop making a visit to Free People every other day. Yesterday, the lady that works at the dressing room at recognised me and called me by name. 'Nuff said. This store makes my bohemian heart beat so friggin' fast. Matthew doesn't shop for himself, so as his wife I have to do my duty and be his personal stylist - lately I'm going for that "Don Draper" look and I always score at J Crew. On Sunday we visited the Brooklyn Flea - where I could've walked for hours and hours. We bought a stack of records for about $30 and can't wait to spin those babies at home...talking about records...we also loved Rough Trade NYC (Brooklyn) and Academy Records in the Flat Iron. During the first solo expeditty in Brooklyn I got a bit lost, but then found Beautiful Dreamers, where I could only afford an organic skin scrub, but those fabrics were truly beautiful...

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