Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Solomon and Helena { Antwerp } Positive, Retro & Pastel Vibes.

Antwerp - only a one hour train ride away from Rotterdam, so it was about time I hopped on a saturday train to see my childhood friend in his new habitat. His lovely lady, Helena, stole his heart in Surinam three years ago. After they both returned to Europe he followed his heart to Antwerp where they started a new life together. 

For this last minute trip I made sure to pack my new Canon 70D. I'm still new in the world of DSLR, so the more inspiring subject/lovebirds to shoot, the better. Hence, this blogpost. My friends recently purchased a precious apartment in Antwerp and styled it with a retro 50's vibe, so I knew this would be the perfect decor for a mini shoot. Solomon even made sure to put on his bow tie. I discovered that Helana is crazy talented when she pulled out her handmade quilt from a closet. They made such a beautiful space together, with pastel/tropical colours which made me forget about winter. 

After a lazy sunday breakfast we hopped on our bicycles and I followed them to some local hotspots. She loves to find treasures on Marktplaats and vintage/antique markets for a bargain. And he follows her along in her obsession. We parked our wheels and walked to the Kloosterstraat. This is an edgy street filled with the best vintage (furniture) stores in the city. Elan Vintage, 't Koetshuis & YOUR were definitely the bomb and had the potential to do a lot of harm to my wallet. The crazy eye-catcher was an orange Panton chair hanging outside a store. We ended our retro afternoon with a visit to Barnini. Their favourite spot where we drank latte titty's and where I snapped a romantic picture of them sitting in a corner. Solo (sneakily) also asked the owners if I can perform during a next visit to Antwerp. That guy! I think she said that there is always a possibility to arrange a gig. Score!

It was such a loverly weekend, filled with good food, caipirinha's, hysterical laughter and reminicing the good old days (Solo and I know each other since the age of 6, which makes him my oldest friend). It was just exactly how a friend reunion should be and I gave them extra hugs, because I just didn't knew when the next one would be. I'm getting ready now for my trip to NYC this Friday, where I will stay for 3 weeks, so expect lots of posts coming up! xx Ang

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