Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When in Paris...

A couple of months ago, when my management and I were going through all the album tracks, my manager Gerry suddenly said: "we need to put you on a train to Paris with a film crew and you should sing your songs there!". I started to fall in love with that idea since it's my favorite city. It's a perfect decor for a dreamer like me, plus I'm always down for a trip to Paris (I try to go at least once a year). 

The plan was to make promo videos for the upcoming album. Lucky for me that Check Me Produkzies from Rotterdam was enthusiastic about the idea! We started to make a concept for the videos and we planned every detail of the trip. I can't reveal everything.., but I can say that we definitely try to pick the most picture perfect spots for some "teaser" videos which we will launch around the album release.

We left on August 20th for 6 hours in Paris. I'm usually never organized..., but I tried to make a time frame for this special day. I also calculated the taxi fares and the time it took from one place to another and well..., we made it - we covered Jardin du Luxembourgh, La Seine and Montmartre in exactly 6 hours. It was a lot of running around, changing outfits in taxi's, banquettes to go, but it was the BEST day. Haha I really enjoyed being followed by a camera while people were asking me "are you famuss?", it felt like I was the mysterious superstar from the Netherlands! One thing that was on my bucket list was "Sing on the stairs of Sacre Coeur"...well I was nervous and I almost chickened out, but I did it! What a day... here are some pics I took with my iPhone. What's your favorite place in Paris?

Wearing: Striped shirt: Zara. Sunglasses: GAP. Brown maxi skirt: Zara. White silk top: Braez. Denim Shorts: Vintage Levi's.

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