Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Life By The Sea

"I could live here and write songs" - my thoughts 10 years ago when I visited SF for the first time...And now, 10 years later - I've finally made it to a life by the sea. Last year, when we were searching for a place to live in SF, we explored the Outer Sunset and I just knew that this was the place. I found this cute apartment on Craigslist - hardwood floors, a retro kitchen and walking distance to Ocean Beach. It was my first apartment inquiry ever on Craigslist - one week later we moved in. (Here's a link to an interview I did with Chapter Friday, where you can find pics of my casa)

Days in the Outer Sunset consists of...hearing fog horns in the morning... seeing Golden Gate Bridge peeking through the hills while running errands...answering that everyday question: "do you wanna go for a walk?"...seeing the waves break at the end of the street while waiting for Muni...eating cornbread Benedict at Outerlands down the street - My wanderlustin' heart has finally calmed down and I'm ok with that. Life's a (foggy) beach right here. 

A couple of blocks from where I live is Noriega street. If you been there before you must have seen that turquoise mural by Zio Ziegler. Walk through the door and you'll find a couple of retail stores - Indosole, a footwear company featuring repurposed tire soles made in Bali... and also Nosotros - a custom accessories company offering handcrafted hats made in Peru. Founders Kyle and Ryan have been extremely supportive by letting me perform in the Church of Surf, OB fest and other places around town. Their creativity, ambitions and social missions are super inspiring, so this blogpost is dedicated to these guys. 

I'm wearing.. the Vaquero Stone Nosotros hat,  mall beads neckless by Tiny Devotions, sweaterdress by HM trend, jacket by Zara and top by Free People

 Pics are shot by my new friend Sofala Mai 

See you in the Outer Sunset :) 

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