Thursday, July 30, 2015

"Greetings from Fickle Island" by Milou Neelen

So this one day I was scrolling on instagram and via Barts Boekje, I landed at Milou Neelens feed - a cool Dutch girl that was traveling solo in San Francisco. I commented on one of her pics, mentioning my fav places to go to in SF and when she suggested we should go for coffee together, we ended up going bar hopping in the Divisadero that night (and... I had my official FIRST hangover the day after - ay caramba). Both being Dutch with a dry sense of humor, sharing the same amount of wanderlust,  in another part of the world - made her instantly my new.favorite.friend. 

Milou illustrates for ELLE magazine and designs prints for Love Stories and Scotch & Soda and was traveling solo to get inspired by all the pretty things the West coast offers. At one moment I was telling her, that I had been waiting to meet an illustrator that can design a postcard for Fickle Island. I showed her a vintage Hawaiian postcard I found on pinterest and one day later, she emailed me a sketch of the above print, which she created in one night ,when she arrived in Portland to continue her search for pretty things. I was over the moon.

In return, I hope to sing at her future wedding ;) and hmmmm I feel a collab for album #2 coming up...Gotta keep this talented lady close, that's for sure. 

Read more about Milou here at Chapter Friday.
Instagram: @milouneelen

Want to get a "Fickle Island" postcard? email me at / or come see me at a live show and I'll give you one.

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