Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Underneath the Railroad

Hey guys. I want you to meet my band! 

The last couple of months we've been rehearsing underneath the railroad in Amsterdam. It all started with a phone call with an old friend - Julian Du Perron. We used to work together in a restaurant in my hometown. After work we would jam together with other friends - those were the days...jammin' the night away. Now, 10 years later, we've joined forces again and I'm thrilled to have Julian as my drummer now. Together we started to make the rest of the band - we found Gerco Aerts - who is an awesome bass player. The last band member that joined us is the talented guitarist Younes Kadri. I guess we're complete now! And we are more then ready to take "Fickle Island" to the stage! I'm so stoked - I just love hearing my songs come to life with the energy and talents of these guys.

Julian rents this fantastic rehearsal space "Tussen de Bogen" underneath the railroad, right in the center of Amsterdam. It's funny cause every 10 minutes a train disturbs our music making - but you know, that's part of the deal and we hardly notice anymore. Here are some snapshots...

If you wanna see us play...this coming sunday is the day! The "Fickle Island" release party will start at 15:00 in Bird. Tix are €8 at the website, €11 at the door. Raampoortstraat 29, Rotterdam.

Hope to see you there xx

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